Ulpan Max is recognized by Misrad HaKlita Voucher program for new Olim - up to 10 years after Aliyah.

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Do you dream speak Hebrew?


Many companies are looking for native English-speakers to participate in their success at management level, but you must speak enough Hebrew to work with Israelis and participate in meetings. You can earn a substantially higher salary by upgrading your Hebrew.


We know that English-speaking Olim often bring technical know-how and commercial expertise when they relocate to Israel, but feel intimidated by their lack of Hebrew. Most Ulpan courses focus on conversational Hebrew rather than business language, Learn hebrew to enter the High Tech ecosystem..


Ulpan Max can help you to improve your Hebrew and your career opportunities in just 4 months. Expert teachers will teach you Hebrew vocabulary and business Ivrit. Convenient and easy to access. The best way to get enter the amazing world of High Tech in the Startup Nation !

Ulpan Max is recommended for those who want to learn Hebrew and become fluent. We can help you to improve your Hebrew and your career opportunities in just 4 months.

Ulpan Max

Join Ulpan Max and doors will open for you!

Learn useful terminology

Learn useful  terminology relating to: management, finance, programming, computers, telecommunications, applications and technology.

Gain enough confidence

Gain enough confidence to speak Hebrew at job interviews and in meetings with Israeli management teams.

Study with expert teachers

Study with expert teachers and other motivated students to raise your Hebrew and improve your employment prospects.

Leverage your Experience

Leverage your skills and experience to work in Israel.




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