Please talk more than 30 secondes with each leads . Recommended conversation duration:  around 5 minutes. The most important is to let them talk and listen to be able to adapt your speech and understand their needs. 


Iam {your name} from Webschool. I am calling you because you gave your name on our website and asked for details about our Social Media Manager training course.

Do you have a few minutes to talk now, or should I call back later?
[If No: Does that mean that you are no longer interested in our course]

yes 1
no 1

כן 1

So, let me tell you about Webschool. First it is a physical school with classrooms in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Webschool is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Labor and offers training courses in several languages, including English, French and Hebrew.

I understand that you were interested in the Social Media course, right?
[Listen to their answer]

yes 2
no 2

כן 2

Tell me about yourself. What are you working as at the moment?
Do you have any background in marketing?
Do you enjoy using social media?
Listen and adapt your responses according to what they say!

yes 3
no 3

כן 3

So our Social Media training courses is taught in English, by experienced teachers.
There are 25 classes, three hours each, two evenings a week over 3 months. 
We teach you all about Digital Marketing, how to manage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, how to use Google SEO, how to design advertisements and landing pages

Does that sound interesting?

yes 4
No 4

כן 4

Our course is unique because all our teachers are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Labor and you receive a recognized certificate at the end of the course. We help you  to update your resume and find employment as a social media manager, or we help you with building your own business.
We only allow up to 12 students in each class so that everyone can ask the teacher their questions. We are currently teaching hybrid classes - in our classroom in Jerusalem and also live on ZOOM. You can also watch the lessons on replay, which helps if you miss a class. We only admit students who pass our Introductory Course, which is designed to test if you have the abilities to take the course, and it’s a good way to find out if our course is right for you.

Would you like to hear about it?

[If No: Would it be better for us to talk another time?]

yes 5
NO 5

כן 5

So, the Introductory Course consists of 3 pre-recorded classes that you can watch at any time, and then you take the entrance test to see if you qualify for the LIVE course.
If you qualify, the 3-month Training Course costs 10,000 NIS, but because we are accredited you can get a grant or voucher to cover 7,000 NIS from Misrad HaKlita or Lishkat HaTasoukah.
I’m not sure about the criteria - I can have someone call you to talk about whether you qualify. 
[Make a note if they want this]

כן 4

So, would it interest you to take the Introductory Course? It only costs 300 NIS and it’s a great way to check whether our Training Course is right for you.

[If No: Do you think you might be interested at some point in the future? Or should we take your name off our list?]

Yes 5
No 5

כן 4

[If No: Do you think you might be interested at some point in the future?
Or should we take your name off our list?]

Yes 6 - Next session
No 6

כן 5

If Yes:
Thank you {name}, it’s been great talking with you. I will send you a summary of our conversation by email with a link to sign up for the Introductory Course. Good luck!

כן 4


NEXT SESSION - JUNE 8 to OCTOBER 7 ( 3 months)
Tuesday and Thursday from 17.00 to 20.00 - ZOOM OR CLASSROOM

- REGISTRATION 300 NIS for 3 first recorded lessons :